Residential Services

Westmoreland’s AC has built their company on the idea of quality work, honest business practices and reliable equipment.  With residential air conditioning services including installation, repair and service, Wesmoreland’s can handle all of the comfort needs your home may have.


If you are building a new home, or simply need to upgrade your existing air conditioning unit, Westmoreland’s AC can offer trusted advice and information to make sure that your new house has exactly the system you need.  Letting Westmoreland’s help you select the right unit for your house can save you time and money in the future.


It is perhaps one of the least thought about pieces of equipment in your home. With its simple little control box on the wall, and the majority of the mechanics tucked out of sight or outside, the heating and air conditioning unit in your home doesn’t get much attention…until it stops working.

Westmoreland’s AC offers residential air conditioning service in the Pasco County, Florida area. Our professional and courteous technicians will diagnose the problem and then recommend a course of action that will allow your air conditioning unit to quickly be up and running again.


To keep your west central Florida air conditioner running  smoothly, regular maintenance is recommended.  Just like a routine oil change and inspection for your car, a scheduled service plan for your air conditioner can ensure that your system keeps your home comfortable for many years to come. Many air conditioner problems can be prevented with routine service, saving you time, money and headache in the future.

Year Round Comfort

“I turned the heater on today!” is one of the least heard phrases in Florida. Let’s face it – there just aren’t that many days that the temperatures drop enough to warrant jackets, much less a heater. For you northern transplants, the cold snaps may seem like a delightful change in weather patterns. For the native Floridian or long-time resident, however, there are one or two days a year that may necessitate the switch from ‘Cool’ to ‘Heat’ on your thermostat. When you turn your attention to socks and scarves, the last thing you want to hear is a hissing and clunking sound coming from your HVAC system. Regular preventative maintenance can help you avoid the winter panic when the weather turns cool.

“It’s so hot outside!” is more likely to be heard by the residents and visitors of Florida’s west coast.  Long time residents have learned to seek the cool shelter of the house during the hottest parts of the day and appreciate the cool workings of the air conditioner.  After a long, hot day, walking into a perfectly cool house is one of life’s joys. When the thermostat is moving up instead of down, it may be time to call Westmoreland’s AC for a service call.

Keep your house cool and comfortable with the help of Westmoreland’s AC.